[How to article] Trademark Infringement on Youtube

Step 1: Open a web browser of your choice and navigate to Trademark Complaint - YouTube Help to begin filing a trademark infringement report.

Step 2: Under “Complainant’s information,” fill in the fields with the appropriate response

Step 3: Under “Trademark details,” click the drop down and select the number of trademarks you would like to report.

Step 4: For “Supporting Documents,” provide screenshots or scanned documents from the trademark office in question detailing the proof of ownership of the trademark.

Step 5: Under “Content Details,” click the drop down to select the type of infringing content you are reporting.

Step 6: Provide links to the abusive content in the appropriate boxes.

Step 7: Provide a detailed description of the abuse taking place and how it infringes on your trademark.

Step 8: Select all of the boxes and sign your name.

Step 9: Select submit.

*Youtube will send an auto-reply confirming the submission of your form.

*Please note Youtube typically provides a status update after 72 hours.