[How to article] Trademark Infringement on X

Step 1: Open a web browser of your choice and navigate to Trademark owner or work directly to begin filing a trademark infringement report.

Step 2: For the first question, “what issue are you having,” click on the dropdown options and select “I need to report possible trademark infringement.”

Step 3: For your relationship to the trademark owner, click on the drop down to select “I am the trademark owner.”

Step 4: Fill in the required information about yourself.

Step 5: Upload a screenshot of a government issued ID to prove that you are the trademark owner.
Step 6: Provide details on the account you are reporting, such as which site it was found on, username, details of the abuse, etc.

Step 7: Select whether or not you would like to claim the username

Step 8: Since your are the trademark owner, provide your information in correct fields.

Step 9: Provide information about the trademark in their correct fields.

Step 10: Confirm the three statements as true, and submit the form.

*X will send you an automatic reply stating that they received your report

*X typically takes 48-96hours to review the report and takedown trademark infringement.

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thanks @Jaclyn ! A great guide on how to report trademark infringement on Twitter