[How to article] How to Report Trademark Infringement on Facebook as an Authorized Representative

*Please note before beginning that in order to report abuse of someone else’s trademark you must have legal authorization to represent that person/company.
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Step 1: Open a web browser of your choice and navigate to Trademark Report Form | Facebook to begin filing a trademark infringement report.

Step 2: If the report is only infringing on a trademark, i.e. not offering goods or services, select the first option.

Step 3: If you are reporting infringement of a trademark for someone you are authorized to represent, select the second option: “reporting on behalf of my organization or client.”

Step 4: Fill out your contact information in the appropriate fields.

Step 5: Provide details about the trademark as well as the owner of the trademark.
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Step 6: To select the country where the trademark is registered, click the drop down and select the appropriate country.
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Step 7: Provide the trademark registration number, a link to your trademark and select “choose files” to add a screenshot of the trademark.
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Step 8: If you have additional trademarks you would like including in the report please select the box “I have additional trademarks.”

Step 9: Provide details about the additional trademarks.
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Step 10: For the “content you want to report,” Select where you found the infringing content.

Step 11A: If it is a photo, video or post, select that box and give details on where the content can be found and why it is infringing.

Step 11B: If the infringing content is found on an ad, select that box and provide more detail about where the ad can be found.Then select “choose files” to upload a screenshot of the abuse.

Step 11C: If the trademark is being used as a username, select that box and provide more detail to Facebook on whether you would like to claim the username or remove it from the page. If you would like to claim it, select the box and provide appropriate details. Then select “choose files” to upload a screenshot of the abuse.

Step 12: For the attachment, select “choose files” and upload a screenshot of your Letter of Authorization stating that you are legally authorized to act on behalf of the person/company.

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Step 13: Sign your name and click “submit.”
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*Please note that Facebook will send you an auto-reply within a few minutes confirming that they received your abuse report.

*Facebook will notify you within 1-3 days whether they believe the reported content goes against their community guidelines.

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