[How to article] Takedown phishing URLs hosted on Alibaba

  1. To begin, navigate to https://www.alibabacloud.com/report#abuse to open an abuse case support ticket.

  2. Fill in the empty fields with as much detail as possible. Please note that the field “Product/service at issue:” is where you report the exact URL in question

  1. Take a screenshot of the offending content hosted on the URL and add it to the “supporting documents” attachment option. Please note that it can take anywhere from 10-60 seconds for the file to load successfully. Do not try to upload it twice. A successful upload will show the file name of the screenshot below the “select file” option with a green check mark.

  1. Scroll down to the “Contact Information” portion of the form and fill in your information.

  1. After completing the form, click on the arrow to “slide to verify.” Sliding the arrow will produce a Captcha.


  1. Input the verification code and click submit.


  1. Alibaba will not send a response until one of their representatives have reviewed the abuse report. Please note that Alibaba can take up to two weeks before they remove content.