[How to article] Takedown phishing URLs hosted on Interserver

How to do a takedown on the malicious URL(s)/IP Address that is hosted on InterServer Infrastructure.

Step 1:

Navigate to https://www.interserver.net/contact-information.html to report any malicious URL/IP address.

Step 2:

Click this dropdown and select the option: Abuse/DMCA so that the report will go to the respective department.

Step 3:

We need to fill in our name & contact details so the Interserver team can reach out to us with any questions or updates on the report we submitted.

Step 4:

Now we need to fill in the Subject of the message, we can make it something simple like in this case, we wanted to report a phishing site of McAfee brand.

Subject: “DOMAIN” Phish hosted on your Infrastructure

Now we need to fill in the details of the abuse, please try to provide as much as detail possible so it can help their team to understand the abuse and remove it based on their TOS (Terms of Services)/Policy.



The reported URL(s) are fraudulent and are impersonating the official site (your website) and misleading the users to believe it’s a legit site of ours and the attacker captures the login credentials.

Official website: https://www.YOURWEBSITE.com/

Phishing URL(s): http://abcd.xyz123.com/

IP Address:

Please remove the abusive content or contact us immediately with any alternate determination.

Thank you!

Step 5:

Here we just need to fill in the Captcha text and click on the “Send” button.

Step 6:

Now after the successful submission of our report, InterServer will send a general acknowledgment of our report with a ticket number, this can be further used for them to provide updates to us or we can reply back to them via email on that ticket asking for any update on our report.

Few points to note after reporting the malicious URL/IP to Interserver.

  1. Usually, the Interserver team does the takedown within 72 business working hours.
  2. The takedown time duration may vary based on the type of abuse we have reported. (Phishing/DMCA/Copyright/Trademark/etc.)
  3. The Interserver team can even ask for Trademark and ownership details if we are reporting Copyright/Trademark abuse.
  4. Please do not create a duplicate ticket for the same issue, it can delay the takedown, instead reply to the ticket and ask for any update or if you want to provide any other details about your report, you can do the same via your reply on the ticket.
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