[How to article] Takedown phishing URLs hosted on OVH Hosting

How to do a takedown on the malicious URL(s)/IP Address that is hosted on OVH Infrastructure.

Step 1:

Navigate to (OVH) to report any Phishing URL that is hosted on OVH Infrastructure.

Step 2:

First, we have to select the category of our Abuse, since we are going to report a phishing URL, we will be selecting “phishing” from the dropdown options.

You can choose other types of abuse based on your case type.

Step 3:

Now it will populate the form based on the category you have selected and you need to fill in all the details as asked.

PLEASE NOTE: “OVH will not allow us to submit the report if the URL does not belong to them (hosted on their Infrastructure)”.

Step 4:

Once you have provided all the details, it will verify and enable to Submit button for you. (if it has any error OR the URL does not belong to them, the Submit button will be disabled) and won’t allow you to click.

Step 5:

Once you click on the “submit” button, it will send you a confirmation email in which you will receive a link.

You need to click on that link so OVH can verify the reporter and then only the report will be passed on to the Abuse team for investigation. (the link is valid for 10 mins from the time we receive it).

Step 6:

Your report is now verified and you will receive an acknowledgment ticket from OVH that they have begun the investigation.


  • Please do not submit the same URL again to OVH, it will delay the takedown process.
  • OVH creates a unique email address that has the case ID in it, you can reply or send an email to that email address to get any update from the OVH team OR to provide any further information.
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