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How do I take down a phishing page hosted by Google?

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Since Google has many services on the cloud, we will be covering phishing takedown hosted on Google Servers but we will also add a bonus at the end of the page.

Step 1:

Navigate to (Report suspected abuse on Google Cloud Platform - Google Developers Help)

Step 2:

Please add your name and email address as contact information, so the Google team can verify and reach out to you with updates on the takedown request.

Step 3:

Please select “Cloud Storage” as a service since the URL we are going to report is hosted on their cloud/server.

Step 4:

We have to select the date of abuse, this can be the time you’ve received/detected the Malicious URL/IP.

Step 5:

Abuse Details: we have to provide details of the abuse, it needs to be under 1000 characters (they have a 1000 characters limit) so we have to be short and specific.

NOTE: We can use the template like below we have in the screenshot.

Step 6:

We can even provide an attachment in the form of a (PDF/Image/Email Header/etc.) which can help the team investigate the abuse.

Now we just need to click on “Submit” and we have successfully reported the URL to the Google Cloud team.

Bonus Points:

Below you can find other sites that you can use for other types of Abuse which are hosted on Google Infrastructure.

Types of Abuse Where to Submit
If you want to report any malicious domain registered through Google? Please send a takedown notice with the same template as above at (
If you want full list of services of Google, please use this form where you can choose the service and submit report. Report Content On Google - Legal Help
If you want to report any Phishing URL you want users get a warning page if they visit that site on Chrome Browser. (Google Safe Browsing), please use this form and submit the details. “It will help to keep the internet safe”. NOTE: Google even sometimes do the takedown if the site is hosted on Google Infrastructure. Report a Phishing Page
If you want to report any malicious website which was been registered using Google’s Top Level Domains, please use this form to submit a takedown request. Which are TLDs that are managed by Google? Report a problem | Google Registry
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