Help with removing a phishing page on Cloudflare

A customer of mine found a website pretending to be my company. How do I have it taken offline before it effects my business? When I try to go to the website it has a loading page that says “Cloudflare” on it before it changes to the page copying my company. Can I ask them to help? I am completely lost and would appreciate some advice on where to start!

Hi @janetlindy ,

Thanks for engaging with our community! Before beginning, it is important to note that Cloudflare’s service is typically used as a mechanism to mask the actual hosting provider of a URL. In these cases, you may use the abuse form to ask Cloudflare to unmask the hosting provider to ensure you are reporting the abuse to the correct hosting provider

Step 1: Open a web browser and navigate to to open an abuse case support ticket.

Step 2: Click on the dropdown and select the report that best fits your use-case.

Step 3: Fill out your contact information in the appropriate slot.

Step 4: Provide a extremely detailed description of the abuse taking place. Only use details that are applicable and that add more context to the abuse occurring. In order to be certain Cloudflare has the authority to act on this abuse, add a comment in the optional box requesting the hosting provider’s information. Please see below example.

Step 5: Click Submit to send the report to Cloudflare.

Step 6: Cloudflare should respond within minutes.

  1. If they are masking the hosting provider, you will receive an email informing who is hosting the malicious URL. If this is the case, copy the abuse email into a new email message. Add a subject i.e. “{Your Website} abuse on Your Infrastructure,” add the description of the abuse to the body of the email, attach screenshots, and send.

  2. If Cloudflare is able to act on the malicious URL they will send an email response notifying you that your request is being processed.

Step 7: Cloudflare typically removes content within 72 hours. If the malicious content remains active, you can use the tracking number found in the email subject line to check the status of your request.

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