[How to article] Takedown phishing URLs hosted on Weebly

Step 1:
An essential point to note is that Weebly operates as a site builder, and as such, it is imperative not to take any action against Weebly itself. Instead, the appropriate course of action is to report abuse directly to Weebly. Ensure that the abuse report is directed specifically to Weebly for the necessary investigation and resolution.

Step 2:
Begin by proceeding to the Weebly website (https://www.weebly.com/). Your screen should resemble the following.

Step 3:
Upon reaching the Weebly website, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you encounter the section depicted in the image below.

Step 4:
Having explored the available options, proceed to contact Weebly and report a malicious site. Head to the “Company” section and find the “Contact” option. Click on “Contact” to begin the process of reporting the malicious activity.

Step 5:
Upon clicking on “Contact,” you will be redirected to a different site that resembles the following.

Step 6:
For this specific instance of reporting a malicious website, select the “SPAM” category from the dropdown. If your abuse report pertains to a different category, please refer to the other options provided in the dropdown menu.

Step 7:
Start the reporting procedure by inputting the complete links to all abusive sites in the first box below. Separate each link with a new line, ensuring you provide all the URLs of the malicious sites you are reporting. Please use the example below for reference.

Step 8:
After completing the input of malicious URLs, proceed to the next box, where you are prompted to describe the nature of the abuse. Provide a detailed description of the malicious activity, utilizing the example below as a reference. Ensure that your description is thorough and includes as much detail as possible.

Step 9:
After completing the description of the abuse, proceed to the final step by providing the email at which you would like Weebly to contact you back. Utilize the example below as a reference for providing your contact email. Please then proceed to click submit.

Step 10:
Upon submitting your report, assuming all information is accurate and legitimate, Weebly will proceed to take action, including the suspension of the reported malicious content. However, if the provided information is found to be inaccurate or not legitimate, Weebly will contact you via email, seeking further details or requesting another form submission for clarification.