[How to article] Takedown phishing URLs hosted on Multacom Corporation

Step 1:
Noted. It’s important to understand that Multacom Corporation operates as a hosting provider, not a domain registrar. Consequently, their capability is limited to removing content on a page and does not extend to suspending the entire domain. When reporting issues related to content hosted by Multacom, focus on providing details for the removal of specific content rather than the suspension of the entire domain.

Step 2:
To initiate the takedown process for your malicious URL, please proceed to the website [https://www.multacom.com/ ]. Once you are there it should look like the image below.

Step 3:
Upon reaching the relevant page, search for a contact icon or any contact information, as we need to report abuse. Look for the means through which you can reach out to Multacom to address the issue. In this case, the contact button is directly at the top of the page.

Step 4:
After locating the Contact icon, proceed to click on it. This action will redirect you to a page that resembles the following.

Step 5:
While on the correct page, search for the most appropriate form or email contact. In this instance, if there is no specific form for abuse, look for a general support email. Locate the support email for reaching out to Multacom.

Step 6:
Having identified the support email for Multacom, proceed to compose a detailed email containing the necessary evidence to request the suspension of the malicious content. Craft the email in a clear and understandable manner, providing specific details related to the phishing and malicious intent. Ensure that the evidence presented is thorough and supports the case for content removal.

Step 7:
In the event that reaching out through a generic email carries a risk of being ignored or not receiving a response, it becomes essential to explore alternative avenues for communication. Consider seeking additional contact methods or reaching out through different channels to ensure your request is effectively communicated and addressed. Lets navigate back to the contact page (https://www.multacom.com/contact-us/).

Step 8:
While scrolling through the page, you may notice a live support chat option that can be utilized to report the malicious URL. Look for the chat icon, which may resemble the provided representation. Engaging in a live chat can provide a more immediate and direct means of reporting the issue and seeking assistance.

Step 9:
Upon selecting the live chat link, you will be redirected to the page shown below.

Step 10:
Complete all required fields with your information to proceed and engage with an agent. Utilize the example below as a reference for filling out the necessary details. Click “Start Chat”

Step 11:
Upon clicking “Start Chat,” you may encounter a situation where no agent is currently available. In such cases, persist in trying again until an agent is online and available to assist you. Repeated attempts may be necessary to ensure a successful connection with a support representative.

Step 12:
As a final attempt, consider revisiting the contact page and exploring the option of calling the phone numbers listed. This direct approach via phone communication may offer an alternative means of seeking assistance and reporting the malicious URL.

Step 13:
In the event that calling and reaching a live agent proves successful, there is an opportunity to gather more information on how to effectively report the malicious site. Engaging with a live agent can provide additional insights and guidance to ensure that your report is thoroughly reviewed and addressed.