What is your opinion on Telegram?

Telegram: It’s a honeypot, just like Cloudflare. Nothing is encrypted as many people believe. IP logs, associations, messages, phone numbers are all ready to be handed over at a single subpeona. Basically- if you can login with only an email/phone number and password, and see all your past messages, the platform isn’t secure. Use Signal.

and there is no option to not allow anyone new (strangers and bots) to message you, you can only block and report for spam. :-1:


@minger @nyuuzyou @nplfish your thoughts on this?

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as much i hate to use telegram but the reality is different, telegram is super active among asian users the most.
Most of the people i know use telegram. and when you question users about the privacy of telegram, they tend to compare it with whatsapp, which is another joke.

If i could i would move to signal or session.


I’ve been a Telegram user practically since the beginning. At first it was a pretty good platform in terms of quality of service. There were no ads, no subscriptions, and huge amounts of money were spent on bypassing blocks all over the world. Now, with a huge number of users, it’s possible to use absolutely any method to make money.