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community to discuss all things phishing: from best practices to step by step guides on how to take down a site

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Here is alittle about us and our mission:

:star: The Checkphish Community is designed to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing for anyone interested in combating phishing attacks. Our community consists of subject matter experts, security researchers, and enthusiasts who are dedicated to identifying and mitigating phishing threats.

Community Objectives :bow_and_arrow:

:bulb: Share Insights: Discuss and share insights, experiences, and best practices related to identifying, preventing, and mitigating phishing attacks.

:bookmark: Seek Help: Seek guidance and expertise from community members on phishing-related topics.

:eyeglasses: Stay Informed: Stay updated on the latest phishing trends, techniques, and countermeasures through insightful discussions and knowledge exchange.

Who are the mods? :nerd_face:
Say hi to @Jaclyn @zero @hannah @kithunter
The mods are security professionals and researchers who have a background in information security, machine learning, and related fields of cybersecurity, IT, and A.I. Essentially we’re just nerds who want to share our knowledge on how to combat phishing attacks.

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:question: How to ask a question?
We encourage active engagement within the Checkphish Community Forum, and asking questions is highly encouraged. To ask a question and receive helpful responses, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up: If you haven’t already, create an account on the forum by clicking on “Sign Up” on the top right button to access all the features and privileges available to members.
  2. Browse Existing Topics: Use the search function or explore existing topics to see if your question has already been addressed or if similar discussions are already underway. (ie. How to do a phishing takedown on AWS Hosting?)
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  5. Be Respectful: Engage with other community members in a respectful and constructive manner. Follow the forum guidelines and respect the diversity of opinions and experiences within the community.
  6. Engage in the Discussion: Monitor your question and actively engage with community members who respond to your query. Be open to suggestions, and feel free to ask for clarification if needed.

Remember, the Checkphish Community Forum thrives on collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. Make the most of this vibrant platform, and together, let’s strengthen our defenses against phishing attacks!

If you have any further inquiries or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our community mods!

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