Green dot Bank phishing scam

Been Following a group of scammers from last 6 months who seem to target prepaid banks, In this case Walmart money card Bank and Green Dot Bank.

In the last past 6 months I have been able to suspend over 20 domains.

Scammers setup a adaccount with fake ads pretending to be bank,
They either setup a form on website to get the cc details from users and steal the money.
Or they setup the toll free number and users get scammed over call and if not paid they threaten you with all kinds of threats one can ever imagine.

Most of the domains were usually hosted on wix and wix usually bans the domain within 24 hours after the abuse report but this time its different.
Domain has been live since 7 days and the fake ad campaign running on adwords is live for 15-16 hours a day.
I was able to talk to few people who were scammed and the total money these scammers make in a day is somewhere over 40k a day.

Im not sure if anyone can help but i would really love to hear any thoughts on this.


Nice work, @minger! Here are a couple more tricks to dig deeper into these scams:

  1. Since scammers are using ads, let’s try pinpointing their target locations. Grab a good VPN and play around with different proxies near where the ads are running. This way, we might uncover more of their sneaky ads.
  2. Another angle is using Google dorking to sniff out similar domains or Wix sites hosting shady content. Just a heads-up though, sometimes it’s not worthy if the scammers are smart about targeting through ads.

Also, let’s give a invite to scam victims to join our online hangout. Sharing stories and tips can help us all stay one step ahead of these scams. Together, we’re better equipped to spot the signs, report suspicious stuff, and keep each other safe from online tricksters.

I really appreciate your efforts to uncover this scam.


one more thing @minger ! If you’re curious about digging into the ads scam game even further, I’ve got something you might find interesting. Check out this knowledge shot → Ads Scams


great find @minger and thanks for sharing with us! tagging @nyuuzyou maybe you also would find this interesting and relevant to what you were learning from similar scams!


@minger - wow a lot of latest tweets on X tagging Green Dot Bank on this too:

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really appreciate the feedback on this.

well they are no where being called ‘smart’
i have tracked down every ad they have made on the same day.
most site follow the same design, crappy image uploaded using windows screenshot tool.

And yes sometimes these guys don’t deserve the attention they seek

i already have similar thread going on from last 6 months.

also am not sure if it would make any difference but i do have the name and the address of the guy who runs all these scams.

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thanks for sharing hannah

sadly greendot support is terrible.
2 months ago, I literally called the support explained them about everything and the lady on the phone said
‘i understand but i cant do nothing’

am i allowed to post domain link on the thread or just screenshot of the domain?

Interesting enough. I checked my scanner archives but couldn’t find any mention of Green Dot, including www[.]greencartsearch[.]com.

prepaid banks are highly abused And not many are aware of this.
also the domain www[.]greencartsearch[.]com is suspended now.
This domain went live 5 days ago, 26th April.

These ads and domain don’t stay live for much longer and hence they might not show up anywhere unless someone actually reports them.


Yes @minger , I agree with you. Small credit lending companies are more vulnerable and undetectable in comparison to large financial institutions.
Even I’m following bad actor behind call support scams for antivirus renewal from last 4 months :smile:

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ah i hate the av scammers. half of these dudes literally yap random stuff that comes out of there mouth.


Do you have any insights on why the domain remained active longer despite the reports this time?

not sure.
so far wix is the only provider that seems to take actions faster than any other registrars
anything hosted on google cloud or godaddy takes atleast 3 weeks.
hostinger is pretty quick too.
scammers also tend to use www[.]nicenic[.]net to host the domain probably because nicenic is known to previously host lot of phishing websites but they do take to action if you mention icann to them

@minger Are you only looking for malicious ads related to Green Dot Bank, or are there other brands on your list as well?

So far am only keeping eyes on anything thats related to payment system; regular banks, perpaid banks, paypal, zelle, cash app.

Okay, great work! Have you found any recent findings for any crypto customer?

havent seen any paid ads google search yet, but i do often see organic results on google search with articles posted about crypto support number, recovery support emails.

new domains up:
www[.]greencampusregistry[.]com Suspended on8th May

Sent request for abuse to wix 2 days ago tho no action has been taken yet.

new domains up:
www[.]searchhistorygreen[.]com Suspended on 14th May

Hosted on: Wix

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